Probation Violations

Misdemeanor probation typically endures for two years, five for DUIs. During that period, there are a number of conditions you must abide by. If faced with an allegation you violated any condition(s), there are a number of preventative measures you can take to eliminate or minimize potential sanctions.

DUI probation (p. 3) is special. Someone who violates any one of five conditions of DUI probation could face a mandatory minimum sanction of thirty days. The five conditions are: (1) don’t drive without a valid license; (2) don’t drive without proof of insurance; (3) don’t drive with alcohol concentration above 0.08 or THC concentration above 5 ng/mL of blood; (4) don’t refuse a blood or breath test upon reasonably belief of DUI; and (5) don’t drive without an ignition interlock device if required by the Department of Licensing.