Rick Tucker is an experienced attorney whose practice specializes solely in criminal defense. Day in and day out, he is constantly in the courtroom fighting to defend the rights of the accused to the fullest extent of the law. Accordingly, he has developed a familiarity with the criminal justice system and its respective judges and prosecutors. He will know the best strategy to pursue in order to achieve the optimal outcome in your particular case, whether that be diplomacy or litigation. If accused, you will want an experienced litigator who has your back, who understands the process, and who will go the extra mile to get results.

Originally from the Everett, WA area, Ricky attended the University of Washington where he studied Finance and International Business at the Foster School of Business, graduating in 2009. After working at a corporate job in Seattle for a couple of years, in 2012, he joined the Peace Corps for two years.

In the Peace Corps, he served posts in Mora and Bafang, Cameroon where he taught business courses, taught IT courses, and coached baseball. This time abroad shaped his path. In Cameroon, he saw powerful people get what they wanted while others suffered. This is when he knew that he would become a lawyer to safeguard against such overreach. In 2014, Ricky began his legal career at the University of Oregon School of Law, graduating in 2017. He passed the Washington State Bar Exam soon thereafter then immediately began his practice.